Personal Computer Care

Your personal IT assistant

Personal Computer Care

Your personal IT assistant



Finally, a Technical Site for Geeks and the not so Geeky.

I am here for you for your many computer needs with 25 years of experience and training. Let me evaluate and Tune up or Upgrade your computer. Want Windows 10? I can install it, no problem. I can explain what your computer is capable of and if its safe from Hackers and Viruses.

               And I am an experienced Electrician, also.

You do not have to be technically inclined for a Computer to make sense to you, with my assistance. If you need help at any level, contact me. If you like to discuss technical jargon feel free to talk to me through this web page. Or I can tutor "How to operate computers" for those who want to know more. You will feel right at home and I will do my best to answer any computer related or even God related computer questions. I hold a free Computer Class once a month on 2nd Mondays, from 4-6 pm. Only a few have been coming. So, you will get personalized help, especially if you bring your laptop. There is Internet access, also.

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We provide assistance with any kind of digital device or service, and we pride ourselves on being the most friendly and patient teachers you'll ever meet.





We provide assistance with most any kind of digital device or service, and pride ourselves on being friendly and patient teachers.


Computer installation.
Smartphone and Tablet setup.
Introduction to any software.
General IT assistance.


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